Steve Fister: Guitarist, Composer, Producer. 

Steve can record your songs in his ProTools equipped studio, using REAL GUITAR AMPS and REAL ANALOG EFFECTS.

Need a solo, rhythm part, electric, acoustic, slide, 12 string, hi strung, or dobro? Steve has always been an ”in demand” session player in addition to all of his other musical endeavors.... 

 Email to discuss rates, outcome, delivery methods and file formats. 

Gear List 
Gibson Les Paul, 335, 345, Nighthawk, Fender Strats (3), Dobro, Supro 59 (open slide tunings), Danelectro (for baritone ), Godin Montreal Classic, Godin Summit Classic, BC Rich double neck ( 12 string / hi strung ),  Godin A6, Godin Seagull Artist, Kala uke, and many more!

Amp list 
JCM 800 Marshall 50 watt (1979), Fender Bassman  (1975), Peavey Classic 50 and 100, Speaker Cabnets: 4x12 with Celestion vintage 30's. 4x12 with Celestion 75's, 1x12 with Vintage 30, 4x10 w blue marvel speakers. 

Steve has a wide variety of analog preamps including RME, Focusright and Neve, along with a ton of the latest plugins. Steve also uses premium KLOTZ speaker and guitar cable to insure the best noise free tone!